Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ramona Epic #9: Alessandro Learns the Truth

In this part of the outdoor play Alessandro learns the secret about Ramona that not even she knows. Juan Canito, who works at the ranch and is also the narrator in the play, explains:

Of course, in the book, the reader is told early on that Angus Phail is Ramona's real father. He married an Indian woman that gave birth to Ramona. To make a long story short, the child was eventually given to Phail's lost love Ramona Gonzaga. When Ramona Gonzaga died her sister, Senora Moreno Gonzaga, was given the child. So, she is part Scottish through her father and part Indian through her mother.

We are in the Ramona Pageant season right now. There is one Saturday left to view the play for this year. I did not go on opening day last year so I thought I would see what that was like this year. Well, it turned out to be a very hot day, and a bunch of the senior citizens were dropping like flies throughout the performance. They have paramedics all set up for this sort of thing. Even I was feeling the heat zap my energy that day.

I had wanted to video some scenes over for what I have been doing on here, and one of the key scenes I was trying to get was marred by a person passing out nearby. So, while the scene was going on I had people standing up, getting in the way, and paramedics coming through. I did keep the video going, but knew it was not something I will probably use. Although I may put that up in a separate video I do later on about the Ramona Bowl.

Also, at this performance, a lot more of the crowd near me was talking during parts of the play. One of the annoying things was there was a woman in front of me that had just purchased this big hat for the occasion. Before the play I heard her say her husband was not too thrilled about it. Well, it was good for her to block out the sun, but it was also blocking some of my view. You will notice it at times in the videos I use from this year.

Most of the same cast was here again this year. There was only one change that I will have to note in one of the upcoming videos. So, for this series, I am using both videos I took in 2010 and 2011.

Finally, I was about ten minutes from doing this write up on Sunday night when I saw that the White House was about to make a major announcement about a certain shame filled individual that is no longer on the planet. So, I ended up delaying this a few days. I have a couple of these I hope to catchup on in the next week or two along with the next location for this series. Although I have been really busy over the past month, the pace I am doing this is about right as we go along this year. There are some locations I wish I could do right now, but with this series it is important I build toward them in a chronological way.

Ramona Epic #9: Alessandro Learns the Truth (Vimeo Version)