Saturday, June 09, 2012

Chained! (The Alabama Hills Series)

This is from the trailer of Django Unchained a movie coming out later this year. Props to Quentin Tarantino for filming here.

Anyone have a clue where this was filmed at?

Hint: yeah, I've covered it before.

Edit (June 20, 2012): Okay, time to show where the above picture was filmed at. It's an easy one. I probably have a picture like the above somewhere on cd/dvd, but can't find it. In fact, I did have video footage from last summer looking in this direction, but decided to cut it out of the video I did. Then I deleted it. Let me give you something that should work, and then maybe I will add something more by the time the movie comes out.
Here is another angle of Gene Autry Rock. There are about four rocks on the left side in the background.

Now compare those rocks to the ones you see on the right in the background of the trailer picture. The big rock that is pointing straight up in the trailer picture is Gene Autry Rock. So, the trailer picture is looking more to the south where you do not get to see Gene Autry Rock in all its glory.

Edit (December 23, 2012): Okay, taken last summer, something like this:


"Chained!" (Youtube Version)

"Chained! (Vimeo Version)

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