Saturday, December 24, 2016

Follow the Gold Leaf Trail! (Christmas Eve 2016)

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you are done with your Christmas shopping and preparations for the big day tomorrow. Take a moment and relax with this one. It has some nice magical/fantasy moments in it:

This was done on the last day for fall colors in that area because the wind that would come that day would wipe out a good portion of the leaves you see in it. The fall colors were the main reason I did that hike to Barney Lake.

I had not been to Barney Lake in about ten years. I had been on the trail a few years ago when I took some pictures in the snow there, but I didn't get to the lake. Some of my earliest blogs from 2006 show this area back then and what is beyond Barney Lake. I would have liked to have gone further, but windy conditions that were to come would have made me miserable. I achieved the main goal which was to see some of the colors and get to this lake so I was happy.
Barney Lake Fall Colors Hike #1
There was lots of gold on this trail. On this mountainside there was a river of gold flowing through it.
Barney Lake Fall Colors Hike #5
Then this was the point I thought the elves and hobbits would show up in this enchanted forest:
Barney Lake Fall Colors Hike #12
Finally I reached Barney Lake:
Barney Lake Fall Colors Hike #18

The above picture is actually looking back, and it was the furthest I went on the trail that morning.

If you would like to see other pictures I did for this hike then go here: Follow the Gold Leaf Trail! (Flickr Album)

The music from used in the video is called "Ascending the Vale"..