Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Buster Keaton Takes a Bath (The Iverson Ranch Series)

Happy Valentine's Day! Well, this is the closest thing I can think of that will relate to the day of love. This one is from the movie Three Ages. The movie came out in 1923. In this movie, which is split into three different stories about romance, is set in the Stone Age, the Roman Age, and modern times. Yes, love is in the air in this movie as this comedy has Buster Keaton trying to win the girl in each era with the same problems coming up.

This area does not line up exactly the way I would normally do things. The picture below shows Buster Keaton taking the bath, but the camera was up high. In order to get this type of shot I would have had to bring a ladder along. In order to get up to where the bathtub is you have to climb up this area to the left side of this movie picture.
This would be standing over his head. Normally, there would not be water in it like this, but we had just had a lot of rain over the previous days. So, you could take a bath there.
The following picture is from the side one climbs from to get up here. Buster Keaton's feet would be pointing at me from this way. There is a lot of tree and bush on this side. As I mentioned in the video, I had to be a bit careful because just in the background to the right is the backyard of a family house there. I knew what I was doing, but had a tripped or something I would have ended up there. The rock formation is public property though. Either way, I really would suggest you DON'T take a bath there!
If you did not figure out where this location actually is then you need to watch the video again and compare with one of my more recent entries. I hope you enjoyed this one. Until next time.

Buster Keaton's Bathtub (Youtube Version)

Buster Keaton's Bathtub (Vimeo Version)