Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Return to the Garden of the Gods (The Iverson Ranch Series)

(GPS: N 34 16.430 W 118 36.740)
I decided to go back to the Iverson Ranch in San Fernando Valley. I have had some entries about this area in the past:

Iverson Ranch Part 1 (The Lone Ranger)
Iverson Ranch Part 2 (The Lone Ranger Video)
Iverson Ranch Part 3 (Garden of the Gods)

For some reason I have become an "expert" on this area. Lol! Not at all. What has happened over the past year is my Iverson pictures and video started to show up a lot on google.com. A lot of people have found me through that. I am amused that some of my things show up on that first compared to other stuff I have put more effort into.

I have done this in the past, and I want to do it again, a lot of stuff I have discovered is due to the work of the late Dave Holland finding a lot of these areas. Even though I never met him I want to give him props not only for finding them, but helping create things like the Lone Pine Film Festival that help promote finding locations.

I have a couple of other areas at the Iverson Ranch area I will be showing in the future so that is why I am calling this a "series" now. I will come back to it from time to time.
I can't say it is pretty to look at compared to what you might see in the movies. It still is a fun area to investigate to see if you can find traces of the way things once were.
Until next time...