Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hell's Heroes (Merry Christmas from Bodie Church)

At the beginning of the movie when the outlaws escape from town along main street, the pastor of the church comes out in front of the church and fires his gun at one of the outlaws. We see it again at the end of the movie.

This was picture was shot at an angle, but shows how it looks now.

Here is the inside of the church in the movie.
You can tell there are some things the same, but the pews were changed in the movie so they could have the outlaw with the baby walk right up the isle.
There was once a ten commandments sign posted up in front of the church above the pulpit. Someone stole it! It reminds me of the story of someone stealing the Encyclopedia of Ethics from the USC library, or the story I heard of aa guy stealing the criminology book from the school store for the class he was taking. Did they get something out of it?

This has been a long series, and to be honest, I am kind of glad it is over since it took up a lot of time this month. Merry Christmas, and please enjoy the holidays!

(EDIT: I have added new blog entries on Bodie for December, 2010. The relevant one is HERE. Also, you may want to watch my new video for this:

Bodie's Heroes (Youtube Version)

Bodie's Heroes (Vimeo Version))