Friday, December 24, 2010

Bodie's Heros: Wrapping Up at the Church

Happy Christmas Eve!

I hope you got your shopping done and are wrapping up the gifts because I am going to be wrapping this Bodie one up.

Yesterday, I showed the Ella Cain house. This shows you that Ella's place, to the left, was right in front of the church.
The last time I talked about the church, and also in the video, I mentioned how the 10 commandments were eventually stolen from it. Here is how it looked with them.
This is the picture I used in the last blog about this.
Finally, one of my dad's old pictures looking to the north of Bodie.
This ends this series on Bodie. As I said when I started this, although I do like this ghost town, there is so much out there online and in print that I really do not feel like I will, or need to, revisit this town on this blog again. If there ever is then I will come back and edit something into one of these blogs I have done in the past. One thing I think I have mentioned before is that Bodie usually is one of the coldest places in California and sometimes the whole U.S. As I write this the place is probably snowed in from all the snow the Eastern Sierra has had.

Bodie's Heroes (Youtube Version)

Bodie's Heroes (Vimeo Version)

The music for the three videos from Incompetech: Smoking Gun