Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bodie's Dead

I want to spend some time on this blog exploring the cemetery at Bodie ghost town. I have covered one grave at the cemetery before here. I wanted to go back and show a few more of the gravesites. I must admit I do not visit many modern cemeteries that much. In fact, I would not be caught dead at one. ;) However, I do enjoy visiting historic cemeteries.

When I get done with this series on Bodie I kind of hope that it will be the last time I revisit this ghost town for the blog. While I do like Bodie I am in a situation where I do not feel I have to go back there anytime soon. You have to remember I do not live that far from here in the summer, and ever since I can remember I have visited Bodie just about every few years or so. There was a time you could go to this place for free and no one would be around. Now you will be charged when you enter. I understand this. It seemed to me they charged per car for a while, but now it is per person. My brother told me he laughed when he said the ranger at the entrance got out and was actually looking into cars to make sure the people had given him the correct count. Part of it for me is the increased fees.

The other part is there is so much on Bodie out there already in books and online. I do not think I am showing you anything that is not already out there in some form. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen pictures of the exact same areas of Bodie in books or online that my dad took over half a century ago. The funny thing is people tend to do the exact same types of shots too. Pictures looking inside the windows or just the outside structures. I was telling one of the people we took with us, sometimes I feel I just go back to these places just to keep up with the technology (ex. pictures or video). In any case, I think you will like what I have in store this time.

In the following picture my back is to the ghost town. This is part of the cemetery. What I am going to do in the following blogs is do a quick survey of some of the graves. Not all of them. We will be heading inside of here.
In the picture below we are looking just to the left of the above picture. That is the morgue next to the cemetery. You can see one gravesite right next to it that we will get to. There is also one gravesite on the hill just to the right of the morgue. I am not going to discuss that one other than to say that it is the gravesite of Warren Loose (Aug. 6, 1848-Aug. 19, 1917). He became a part owner and manager of the Syndicate Mine. He had an issue with Leland Stanford (a former govenor at the time) over a race horse he sold him. Months later the race horse gave birth to a colt. Loose sued Stanford over the issue not knowing at the time of sale he sold a horse that was going to eventually give birth a baby colt. Loose ended up losing on that one. You can double click the picture to see that grave in the distance if you like. BTW, the book you might see in libraries or listed online, Bodie Bonanza, was written by his son.The next picture is not out here at this morgue near the cemetery. It is inside the morgue in town. This is one of those pictures taken through the window in town. Like I said earlier, I have pictures of this taken way back. It is a common picture one might see of this casket. I just thought I would add it here.
In the next few blogs I will cover a few of the gravesites.

Bodie's Dead (Youtube Version)

Bodie's Dead (Vimeo Version)

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