Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Digital Stocking Stuff Presents

I hope you and yours have had or are having a great day.

The Bodie videos are linked together HERE as my "Christmas at Bodie" collection.

What I wanted to do today was put up a few different types of videos. Only the first one is new, although I have shown the area in video before, while the rest I am calling "flashback videos." The one on Mt. Whitney I have never shown before. Keep in mind this is the type of video I would have shown in 2007-08 that was okay for the time, but I really have a hard time watching these now since they are low quality. So, I totally understand if you want to skip them, especially if you saw them the first time. Also, keep in mind that the flashback ones are long too, but you get everything.

It's a Beautiful Morning Too (Twin Lakes Overlook): silence at its best!

Mt. Whitney Hike (Flashback Video): I never showed this one.

Mt. Conness Hike (New Video as of 2013)

Mt. Dana Hike (Flashback Video)

At some point I will do some of these hikes again I and will do them in HD. Until then I will keep these up.

Finally, this is not mine, but in light of what the day represents, I thought I would link to a video of a young boy reciting the passage in Luke 2: 1-20.
I was going to upload one more video, but did not have it edited before I got sick. It can wait. So, at this point I have uploaded every picture and video that will go up this year. I will have a sort of year in review like I usually do near the end of the month. Until then...Merry Christmas!