Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bodie's Heroes: The Two Cain's

I thought I would briefly mention two Bodie persons.

This is James Stuart Cain:

This was his nice place. He owned and invested a lot in Bodie. He was into everything from mining, lumbering, banking, etc. In fact, you can see in the Hell's Heroes movie his name is on the window of the bank as Cain & Sons.
One of Cain's sons was David V. Cain. David eventually married Ella Cody.
This is where they lived. Ella went away to school then eventually came back to be a teacher at Bodie. She went on to write The Story of Bodie and The Story of Mono County. I have seen her gravesite in Bridgeport and thought I had a picture of it, but cannot find it at this time. I will come back here with it in the future.

Bodie's Heroes (Youtube Version)

Bodie's Heroes (Vimeo Version)