Sunday, November 01, 2015

Tricks or Presents Teaser

Hope you had a good weekend.

I'm not saying anything more about this project for now. I did want to mention a few somewhat related tidbits as we head into brighter holiday season...

1)Krampus comes out on Dec. 4th. The anti-St. Nick figure of European origins who punishes rather than gives nice gifts. He has been getting a little more popular in the United States so now we have a big screen movie about him. There are a lot of movies that should be good coming out in December like In the Heart of the Sea, The Revenant, The Hateful Eight (yeah, Tarantino can be an idiot at times, but the movie looks interesting...may just wait and watch this one for free), and that Space Wars movie (whatever they are calling it...I'm avoiding the trailers of it). I rarely go to the theater anymore, but I might be there every weekend in December. However, Krampus will probably be the first one I will see.

2)I always listen to Midnight Syndicate in October for their Gothic Halloween music. This year they released a haunted Christmas recording. Time to change the music in my player to this. Although Nox Arcana has done Gothic winter recordings too.

3)It's on! You knew that this would start on November 1st didn't you? Click this NEWS ARTICLE to show you want I mean. Thanksgiving always comes across as being in the way of the real deal. You know, let's give this day lip service and move on to the commercialization of the holidays. Of course, we want a good economy, but not at the stake of our souls, right? Lol.

The music used in the video from is the following: This House, Jingle Bells, and Sugar Plum Breakdown.