Sunday, March 01, 2020

A Joel McCrea Shootout Part 3 (The Alabama Hills Series)

(GPS: N36 35.995 W118 07.490)
(AKA The Shark Fin Hike Part 3)

Alright, the finale of this location and the hike. I think of all of the locations and hikes I have shown over the years, this is the one I have ended up delaying the most for many reasons. It is a little out of the way compared to other spots in the Alabama Hills I like to go to. Do not get me wrong, you can drive pretty close to this and do a short walk to it.. However, I tend to like to park in one spot in the Alabama Hills and hike around. I will get to some of the issues I had in editing the video together, but let me continue where I left off in the last blog.

After the major cowboy versus cowboy battle, our main bad guy flees off into the rocks. Joel McCrea chases him down. He hides behind these rocks for cover.
 This shot was interesting to me in that the camera man had to be down really low. Possibly, he was on he belly holding the camera up to get this shot. I did not do that, but I did have to lean over in a very painful way. It was a difficult shot to get because of that issue. I am glad I got it though and is one of my favorite pictures of the bunch.
 After exchanging some gun shots back and forth. Both of our characters try to sneak up on each other here. Our bad guy sneaks up only to find Joel is not there anymore. Where could he be?
 I mention this in the video that part of the trick is to make the viewer think this area is big enough so that a lot of sneaking around can be done. While I was there I did not think that really could be done. IMO, you can not really get away with sneaking around without the other person knowing like they did in the movie.
 In the movie, Joel sneaks around and clearly has the advantage. Our bad guy knows he is caught, but Joel sets up the honorable gunfight duel with both guys putting their guns away. Joel basically says, "Sure you want to do this?" Of course, our bad guy draws first, but is beaten in the draw. Fortunately for him, Joel shot him in the arm and he will live.
 This is the perspective looking at Joel. They go back and forth here between the two creating tension in the movie.

That covers the main parts I wanted to do for this blog. I want you to see the video since I spent much more time on it than any other video I have done. Let me explain the process for this one:

So some years ago I scouted the area, took pictures and video, went back a few times, dealt with some bad windy weather on one trip, did some pre-editing on the computer, did not like some of the footage, figured out how I would deal with the sun, went back, and finally got the footage I liked. A few months later I started working on the project on Sony Vegas. I put it all together with tons of cuts and edits to emulate how it was done in Cattle Empire. Then tried to render the footage and all sorts of weird things started to happen. It would not fully render the video and stop. It would put "ghost" images into the footage that never made sense to me. I tried it on an alternative computer that is much faster, and the same thing happened. After me staying up almost twenty four hours without sleep because the thing was driving me crazy, I figured out how to put it into parts that would work for a final render.

I hope you enjoy it. Bonus points for you that watch it multiple times to stop and match up every single rock used in the movie. LOL!

A Joel McCrea Shootout (Youtube Video)

The music used from is called Stay the Course and Bittersweet.