Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016: To Begin

The beginning of the year is the cause for much optimism for a lot of people. For me it is always somewhat of a downer. The buildup that starts right after the summer months that goes through the end of December crashes for me in January. I eventually adjust and get going again. This blog entry is just the typical house keeping I like to do at the beginning of the year.

As I have been doing the past few years I want to remind people of the FAQ type of blog I wrote a few years back here: Questions. That covers a good portion of the goals and questions I typically get.

Just a reminder, the e-mail for this site is the mail.com one, and not the old hotmail.com one. It has been two years, but I had some one not too long back say that I hadn't responded to their e-mail. Well, seeing how I told everyone two years ago that I was not using the hotmail account anymore due to the malware issue there is probably a good reason that I had not responded to him. Delete, take off your lists, block, etc. that old hotmail account on whatever you have.

One issue the internet has become is infested with ads all over the place. You know, "check out this top 10 list" and then they make you click 10 pages of sites with pictures infested with ads on each page. I could go on and on about this one, but I wanted to say that this site was never meant for that sort of thing. I never designed this site with the idea of making money through the typical click bait ads. If at any point you see some sort of ad on this site or any of my youtube videos I just wanted to say that this it is not my doing.

As I always say, this blog is the base of my operations. Anything you see linked on here is "officially" connected to this blog. While I do have other internet experiments out there they are not really connected to the blog. There are a couple of sites out there I have personal accounts on, but I don't use them the same way as I do this blog. For example, I do have Instagram, but I don't use it enough to be connected to the blog. Said differently, the person, entity, or force you know of as The Great Silence resides here and on the links connected to it. Don't look elsewhere because you are not missing anything.