Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bodie's Dead: The Strange Graves and Recent

It is time for a few of the odd graves.

In the following picture you can see a tall marker in the distance (middle right in picture). That is where we end up next. Originally, that was supposed to be the marker for William Bodey's remains in 1879. However, The stonecutter did not get paid. So, it was not used for Bodey.

When President James Garfield was killed the town decided to use this marker in his honor. This marker is very difficult to read even if you were there standing in front of it, but this is what it says: To the memory of James A. Garfield, President of the United States. Died Sept. 19, 1881.
This one is labeled, Pagdin. You will notice there is a big hole in the marker. It is unusually thick and hollow. There is some thought that this was actually used to store bottles of liquor during the prohibition era. There were some investigations and busts in Bodie during that time.
This is one of the more recent grave markers. I did not use this one in the video, but thought I would mention it here. Bob Bell was one of the last to work the mines and the Standard Mill. He worked in helping preserve the buildings and park in the 1960's and 1970's. He is important for helping share the history he knew with the park staff. Some of the Bell relatives are buried next to him: "Honest Old Lester" L. Bell, Louise Bell, and Lester Bell (the son Lester L. and Louise).

Bodie's Dead (Youtube Version)

Bodie's Dead (Vimeo Version)