Friday, July 08, 2011

July 4th Weekend: The Truck and Walker River

I had started this one with a rant on the lunacy that happens on the July 4th weekend in the Eastern Sierra. I deleted it. Let me give you the quick version: the property owners, that I know of, loathe this holiday period due to the heavy concentration of people, the trash/litter, the inability to drive the roads properly, trespassing, and just rude behavior. It is a relief when it is over, and some recovery has to take place. The following is probably one of those situations that you have to be on guard over anytime of the year, but especially the July 4th weekend.

On the way to Carson City, NV on HWY 395 there is a section of road that really curves back and forth. This truck overturned on the road right next to the Walker River.
The guys working there were still transferring all the goods from the truck three hours later when we went back through there. Meanwhile, the water is really flowing in the Walker River right now. There is lots of water running from the snow melt. Much snow is still in the back country for this time of the year. Because of this, I am not sure how much hiking I will get done this year. There are one or two things I would like to get done, but I have to wait it out right now.

In the meantime, I did get a bunch of movie locations videoed. Most of those are new versions of some areas I have done in the past. That is just a matter of getting the editing done. The next three blogs will get us to about the halfway point of the Ramona series. There are some fun locations still to come for that series; this is why I want to put up the next three in a few days time. At that point, things will be a changing! As of right now, I let my Vimeo+ subscription run out. Eventually, I will get it again sometime later this summer. It is important for me to keep Youtube in check with the competition.