Sunday, March 13, 2016

Finding Gold at Fern Lake (Part 3)

Time to wrap this one up. This is the video I edited together for this hike. It is unlisted so it can only be seen through this blog. It is just something I wanted to do for people that come here. Hopefully, it gives you the relaxing atmosphere I felt while being there. I did saturate the colors at the lake slightly to enhance it in the video, but that was basically the way it looked.

I did move around to the eastern parts of the lake. As I mentioned last time there wasn't too much on the other side that was as interesting as the western side with all the gold.
This was about half way over. It is beautiful lake.
I did encounter some trees like this as I was making my way to the eastern side of the lake. The creek that runs out of the lake and down below comes out over this way.
A reflective look. I headed back to where the two men were, waved at them, and left. I was fortunate to get the pictures and video I did because they pretty much moved into the best spot to take pictures. Had I come after them I would have had to wait them out. Otherwise, it would have been, "Hey guys! I'm entitled. Can I have your spot!" Lol! Actually, I never do that. I have had to wait people out for very long periods.

After this hike I was grateful for what I was able to see. I said to myself that if this was all I got then it was good enough for a fall colors trip. I did get some okay fall pictures days later. However, the colors really started to turn right after I left. It depends on what area of the High Sierra you are, at what time, and what elevation. If a heavy wind kicks in then that doesn't help.

I'll be doing some opinion pieces soon where I'll post some of my other fall pictures.