Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paladin at San Luis Rey #2 of 4

As Paladin is filling his hat with water he notices someone being chased by a group of men.
Last time I mentioned that there is probably a gargoyle in this direction right below me. If that is the case then Paladin was filling up his hat right below me here. Again, I am going to have to go back someday and figure this out since I did not go there with this episode in mind. What I think is happening in the above picture is they are just beyond the little bridgeway you see in middle of my picture. It looks like you see a some of the brick bridge in the tv episode at the bottom of the picture. When I zoomed into my picture past the bridge it seemed to match up a little better with the two overhang structures you see see above.
Paladin then takes the young man away on horseback quickly as the group of men try to run after them.
This archway is the entrance to the Lavenderia. I am off to the side a bit.
So, like I have been saying in these last two blogs, I think I have the right ideas here to go back and fine-tune this at a later time. It is not a high priority in my list of things, but I will come back to these past two blogs and redo it with new pictures when the time comes.