Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Quest for a Gem (Agnew Lake)

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we continued on past the tramway and falls I knew we were getting close to Agnew Lake. This is where you leave the sight of the June Lake area and start heading back into the canyon.
You will notice the tram tracks continue, there is a power company shed, and there is a dam below.
Up higher one can see another dam. That is where our final destination was for this one. The tram track runs beside the lake and continues up beyond the lake to where that dam is.
This is looking back down from where I was in the past three pictures.
At this point it is just a case of turning around and the quest for the gem was over. I will wrap this one up tomorrow.

The Quest for a Gem (Youtube Version)

The Quest for a Gem (Vimeo Version)