Friday, November 12, 2010

Paladin at San Luis Rey #3 of 4

From the arch, Paladin took the man over to the mission.
You can see the fountain is still there.
Paladin then procedes into the cemetery to speak with the padre. This is where I had wished I had seen this episode before visiting the mission. It is another case of where watching another tv show or movie helps figure out the location. Had I seen this episode before I visited I would have been a little more certain while doing the video there for Zorro. As you can see the cemetery had a lot more tree cover and bushes covering up the area.
I used this picture a few blogs back and am more convinced after watching this episode that it was that door Zorro went through. This is about the midway point between the two doors.
Paladin then talks to the padre and we get the other direction.
This would be the other direction. I am a lot further down, but you should be able to see where they where they were. It is a little beyond the midway point from what I can tell.
One more of these tomorrow and I am done with this mission. Until then...