Monday, April 12, 2021

Boba Fett Fighting in the Arena (Hunting the Mandalorian Series)

 (GPS:  N34° 16.615 W118° 38.220)

Alright! The final blog entry in this series. I am finishing this one up in the same area we were at last time, but you get to see more of the directions this time. Here is a screen capture of Boba fighting in one direction:

My picture shows the big rock in the background that is slightly out of focus above to focus on Boba:

Another screen capture to compare with this time focusing on the big rock:

Now looking towards the other side:

My picture:

The above picture is a bit off if you compare them. This is the price I paid of just using my memory and not having actual pictures with me. To get this one right I would have to move to my left and it would line up better. 

The other issue I had was I was fighting the sun and wind a lot here. I had to really battle a lot of the elements here to get this right for pictures and video. I knew not everything would be exact, but good enough to show the areas and how they filmed her.

That wraps this one up. Let me give you a few tidbits about this:

1)I was actually tipped off on this one by a friend that knew I did a lot of work at Iverson Ranch and Corriganville in the past. At the time I was basically told something big would be going down at the park here, but we had no idea it would be related to Star Wars or The Mandalorian. In any case, he knew I would keep my mouth shut. 

2)I saw this episode the morning it came out. Okay! This was it. There will be hiking and filming locations for this! Let's do this! However, I knew from my times at Iverson Ranch and Corriganville it probably was not the best time to visit in December/January due to sunlight and wind issues. So, I waited a few months.

3)I wanted to be really positive about this one. I hope it came across that way. I think the writers, directors, cast, and crew did a great job here. I know a bunch of the online fan base can be rather toxic, but that is nothing new to any franchise out there. I have seen that with the fans and the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien in this past year. As the new Amazon series comes out I suspect that will get worse. With that said, I have found that I just like to stick with the things I like and not really worry about the fan base. After all when I watch a movie or read a book it is just me watching or reading. No one can take that enjoyment away. There is very little I can do with decisions companies make other than not give them my time or money if they do something I do not like.

4)There are some things I wanted to keep as mysteries for this one. The video was supposed to be an April Fools' joke connected with the blog. Yet, I wanted the video to be a bit subtle, and not "HEY EVERYONE! Look at my Star Wars video!" While I do not pay attention to everything Star Wars out there like I would have as a kid, I do see a lot click bait for views types of videos out there.

5)The director had the right idea about what he did with the Boba Fett character. I was one of those kids in the late 70's that sent away five proof of purchase seals from the figures (with postage) to get this new toy figure that would be in the new movie in 1980. I remember it took many months to get my Boba Fett toy figure, but when I did I thought it was the coolest thing! Then the character had a small key role in that movie and the next one, but we never got to see him in all his glory. So, here we are forty years later, and no matter what happens in the future the kid in me appreciates this episode.

6)Finally, an inside joke with the video. The labrador retriever seen on the pillow case during the end of the video was the family dog, "Jango". I loved that dog, but really we should have called him, "Jar Jar Binks".

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