Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Fennec Rock (Hunting the Mandalorian Series)

This the conclusion of the confrontation area. Here we go:

In the episode we find out that Fennec was up above while the Mandalorian and Boba Fett confront each other. She is ready to snipe baby Grogu if things do not work out.

This is the easy one. Like you would naturally expect from watching the episode, just looking up from where we were in the last blog entry you get this interesting rock formation. It turns out this was the key for me finding this area.

What I did to prepare for this hike was take a bunch of screenshots from the episode and study them. However, I did not take any of them with me. I wanted to be able to enjoy the hike and the areas without constantly referring to a video screen. In the old days, I might print out pictures to take with me, but these days you can take your cell phone with you. I did not do that for this hike. From experience and using my own techniques I kind of know what to expect in looking for movie locations. 

I say in the video something like, "I burned the images into my head." I just studied the images enough that I kind of knew what I was looking for. There was a certain unique look to this rock. I actually passed by it, and then looked back. It was right off the trail! I saw the above rock formation, and I knew I had the right area.

The downside of not having pictures with me was that I could not get exact precise match ups between screenshot and my pictures. I was not too worried about that for this project. I pointed out the adjustments I would need to make from the summit a few blogs back to match up with the episode. There are a few pictures coming up that I will mention some adjustments that I would make if I were to go back. 

I am going to take a day or two off from this. When I come back I will be showing the Stormtrooper Hillside Assault Location that is about a ten to fifteen minute hike back down from this area. See you down the trail...

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