Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The CIA's Death Valley Albatross (Part 2)

Exploring the Aircraft
As I tried to explain in the last entry, after the hike to get here, walking down the sandy scree, and then trying to walk around the aircraft at steep angle, it was not easy moving around. I was very slow walking around. Especially when I was underneath it. An interesting shot:
If you look closely you might see some of the debris below. It was way down there. No, I would not suggest trying to reach the plane from this way. That is seriously dangerous. One of the detached wings:
This was underneath it. Very cramped.
Here is part of the inside of the craft. You can see the chair in there.
The tail of the aircraft:
Stay tuned for my next entry that finishes up the pictures.

(Edit: I did this hike again in 2014. I took a video of it which can be found here: Hunting a Bird in Death Valley)