Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vasquez Rocks (The Army of Darkness)

(GPS: N34 29.245 W118 18.950)

Some time back I went to Corriganville, Iverson Ranch, and then ended up at Vasquez Rocks. Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park is nice to go to if you want to get out of the urban Los Angeles area. Unfortunately, the day I went I wanted to beat the traffic so I went very early to these places. When I got to Vasquez it was only around 9-10am so the sun was not out in full yet. My pictures for this entry suffered because of the shadows. I could have done some photoshop work here, but decided it was not worth it. The pictures in this entry should do the job of showing the area though for those that have not been there.

The following picture is taken from the scene in the movie The Army of Darkness before Ash (Bruce Campbell) goes off into the woods and to the cemetery. It is where the old wise one tells him he must recite the lines "klatu verata nikto" before he grabs the book.
The sun had the absolute worst angle for this picture, but this will have to do. This is the main area that has been used many times in movies. Unlike other areas like this, you can actually drive your car right threw this road. You get to the other side, there is plenty of spaces to park, you can picnic, or you can hike further into other area.
This is just to the right of the above picture. I have seen some westerns go off in that direction.
I'll do another few entries on what lies on the other side. The other side is probably more familiar to most people.