Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Movin' on up (Mt. Langley Part 2)

Continuing from my last entry, where I was looking back south to the Cottonwood Lakes, here is looking more southwest. There are a few lakes and shadows around.
A little higher. On the middle left side of the picture is an arrow or "great than sign". The tip is where Army Pass is and where I came from. Cirque Peak is the prominent peak in the picture with Olancha Peak being in the far left background.
There was a lot of looking up like this the last part of the hike, but this is near the very end.
At the top I looked over the eastern side to see the Tuttle Canyon, Alabama Hills, and Lone Pine below.
Here is a zoom in of the southern side of Alabama Hills with Lone Pine just beyond.
Of course, my favorite areas in Alabama Hills are usually on the northern side. If you look closely you can see certain areas that I have shot from down there looking back up here. I always like looking at the pictures from opposing viewpoints. Click the picture for a bigger view.
It is interesting to look at Lone Pine Peak from this angle. From Whitney and Lone Pine it looks different. One of these days I need to climb that one.
Of course, looking at Whitney five miles away is interesting.
I'll finish up this series tomorrow with a few more pictures.