Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Rawhide Burial Site (The Alabama Hills Series)

(GPS: N36 36.495 W118 07.615)

(Edit 1/29/10: this is one I decided to update with an HD version of the video. At this time, the old version is still up, but might be taken down at a later time. The new HD version is in the links below. There is a little more in this one and I do not explain every little detail. So, it maybe good to pause and repeat viewings if you want to get the most out of it.)

This is one of my favorite locations. I would have shown this one a long time ago, but I was never completely satisfied with the pictures and video I have done of it. Part of the problem is that the sun is always in the way at the correct angle when I showed up. Some areas of the Alabama Hills can be shot in the morning with no problems, but others require one to wait until the late afternoon in order to get the best shots.

A bunch of films have used this location. I show a bunch in the following video. It is known as the Rawhide Burial Site because it was where Edgar Buchanan was buried in the movie Rawhide. Check out the video:

Rawhide Burial Site (Youtube Version)

Rawhide Burial Site (Vimeo Version)

Here is a picture from the movie showing where the burial site was in the movie.

You can see the little rock that is like a headstone in this picture.
Here is a different angle of it. That little rock is still there in the middle of the picture. I say it is little, but when you get to it is a bit bigger than what these pictures make you think it is.

Another movie used this location just about 50 feet south of the site. This would be to the right of the above pictures. Here is the bad guy riding his horse attempting to attack Audie Murphy.

I stood right in front of this rock formation to get this picture.
I stepped out onto the road to shoot at this angle. Same rock formation, but Audie would have been behind the rocks in the middle of the photo shooting the guy.

In the video I showed that Posse From Hell, The Oregon Trail (a lost John Wayne movie), and Ride Lonesome were filmed here. I have seen it in others too. The Indian attack in How The West Was Won passed by here. I know Hopalong Cassidy and Roy Rogers passed by here too. I am sure there are more.