Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Tunnel to the Griffith Observatory

I guess you could say this is one for the kids. I think Nancy Drew (2007) bombed at the box office last year, but at least it provided this one location. In this scene Nancy Drew and her friend almost get run over.

The picture below is the direction you have to go to get to the observatory. You just take a left out side of the tunnel, and within a minute or two you should find somewhere to park. That all depends on the day you go. During the week you should be able to get really close. Other times you may have to park down the hill a bit to walk up it.
When I did this I was wondering if I had the right side of the tunnel. After all it could have been filmed at the opposite end.
To make sure I had the right spot I examined the left side of my picture...
with the one below. The bush on the left is the same one, but there are some color stains on the wall that are the same.
The first picture from the movie was helpful too. With location hunting there are certain thing you look for in comparing stuff. This was not that tough, but you do develop an eye for detail. I can not remember since I have not seen the movie in ages, but it seems to me that the movie about Who Framed Roger Rabbit had something here too or the other side. Okay, duh, I just looked up the filming locations on imdb and it says it was the entrance to Toontown. Naturally, within Los Angeles there is tons of places movies are filmed that people walk by everyday.