Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13, 2008 = WESTERN DVD DAY

I will get back to uploading more movie location videos in June. It will probably be a slower pace than my recent onslaught which was doing a video every 2-3 days. If all goes well I will probably go back to weekly uploads and have something interesting for most of the summer.

It seems like once a year in May a bunch of western dvd's come out. Today is the day for the following:

From Fox:
The Big Trail (2-Disc Version with the full and wide-screen version)
The Gunfighter
Garden of Evil

From MGM/Fox:
Day of the Outlaw
Gunfight at Dodge City
Man of the West
Man With the Gun
Navajo Joe
The Way West
The Westerner

I have most of these on dvd-r so I will probably not rush out and buy these right away. My favorites being Man with the Gun, The Gunfighter, Rawhide, Day of the Outlaw, and Man of the West. Just an FYI, DeepDiscountDvd usually has a sale at the end of May to the beginning of June where they discount all their dvd's and you get free shipping. They usually have a code you type in when you purchase. It is a good sale and is probably when I will purchase these.

It turns out August 26, 2008 will be a great day for releases. I know How the West Was Won will have a good rerelease and The Law and Jake Wade will have a release.

Speaking of The Law and Jake Wade, one of the videos I will eventually do will have the location that the ghost town was at. There is nothing there now since the town props were taken down, but you can see the area. It is the same situation with Bad Day at Black Rock.

In my next entry later this week I want to talk about violence.