Saturday, June 28, 2008

Climbing Stairs (The Music Box Location)

(GPS: N34 04. 985 W118 16.510)

(Edit {1/10/2010}: Just an FYI for those that randomly come in here or new readers so there isn't any confusion. Originally, I had a video up with clips from Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges. The point of it was to show the same type of gag used going up and down stairs. At the end of the video I showed a walk I did up the Music Box Stairs. That video was taken down a long time ago. The areas in both movies were filmed nearby, but are not the same. I have never claimed they were the same location because it is pretty obvious they aren't. The video had an annotation noting this, but it is not up anymore and I took the link to it off this blog which also mentioned this during the time. However, I just noticed I still had the tags from The Three Stooges and the name of the movie still listed on here. I just erased the tags from this entry.)

Here is a still from the Laurel and Hardy movie:

I walked about 2.8 miles to get here from Downtown L.A. Short hikes like this do not bother me. Homeless demanding quarters out of me does not bother me either. A person exercising on the stairs for about ten minutes does not faze me at all because I can wait that out. Showing up on a day where trash cans have to be in a picture is annoying. Sometimes I have bad luck like this. Notice the house on the right is the same.
To celebrate this movie's location it was named Music Box Steps and you can see the sign here:
This plaque was added to one of the bottom steps. You can click it if you want to read a bigger version of the picture.
Here we are at the bottom looking up.
Here is how it looks these days looking down from the top.