Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The 7 Men From Now Relay Station (The Alabama Hills Series)

(N36 36.550 W118 07.525)

Here is some nice movie archaeology. This is going to be the last one of these I do for a while so I thought I would end on fun one.

The station was out right next to Movie Road and most people just drive right past it. The Tyrone Power movie, Rawhide, was filmed in almost the same area. When you watch that movie look for some of the same areas I have shown here.
The camera for the movie was slightly to the right of where I was, but you should see the same rock formations all around.
After Randolph Scott rides across Movie Road he goes to this water well.
It does look like they knocked down the well, but left some of the stones there. There are some small cement fragments lying around. It does seem these are the remains of that well.
Here is another look at these stones.
There are other pieces of debris out near where the station was. This is the one I showed in the video. Was this from the movie? Maybe, maybe not, but things like this are unique to this area and you do not see debris like this just lying out in most of the areas in the Alabama Hills.

I am going to put a hold on the Alabama Hills stuff for a few months. I have a bunch more, but when I get back to doing videos and blogging I will be posting more about other things for a while.