Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Naked Gun Terrorist Headquarters Location

(N34 10.925 W118 16.605)

Here is the location of where the diabolical plot discussed takes place in "Beirut, Lebanon."

Here we are twenty years later. Some Palm trees, but lots of other trees have grown in.
This was originally the home of Leslie Brand and it was called Miradero ("A high place overlooking a wide view"). In the late 50's, the mansion was turned into a public library. I did a quick library search and it looks like they have a copy of The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad on reserve. Here is what was funny to me about this. I remember seeing this movie the day it came out in 1988 with a bunch of friends and laughing our brains out. Ten years later I was here at Brand Park with some relatives. The park was being used to take pictures of young models that day. I remembered coming here and walking on the nature trail that day. There was a huge rattlesnake lying across the trail rattling so I turned around.

Now, although I remember that day rather well, I did not make the connection between Brand Park and The Naked Gun movie. In fact, it was not until after videoing and taking pictures on this recent trip to Brand Park where after walking around a bit I realized, "Hey, I have been here before!"

There is more to the park than the library you see above. Please refer to the links on this site for more on Brand Park, the Teahouse, and the Doctor's House. I am sure you can find more if you google "Brand Park in Glendale".

One of these days I need to re-hike that nature trail since I did not get very far because of that snake! :)