Monday, December 15, 2008

Hell's Heroes (The Chase Location)

Most of the town buildings were wiped out due to the fire. Although I knew they used the main street of the town I had hoped to find a few clues of where they were at.
There is not much to go on here. The first thing I always look for is the features of the background. Those pretty much stay constant. In the following pictures the foothills in the background are the same as the above picture although the dark one on the left looks a lot closer to the town than my picture does. Someone once told me that hills and mountains all look the same. Nothing can be further from the truth. At first glance they might, but you have to develop an eye for them. There are little things you look for that make them distinct.
The other factor is the firehouse. You can see it a few times in the movie. The bell is the giveaway. You can barely see it in my picture above, but is clearly seen in the movie. It is sad, but that is all we have left there compare with.
I looked at the buildings they pass by several times, but those are hard to identify. With further work I might be able to do it, but it is probably safe to assume most of what you see was destroyed in the fire. Also, note that grass has overgrown a good portion of the main street compared to what once was. Finally, did you see this undertaker carriage?

It is fun seeing that in the movie. It is in the museum they have in the town.

Bodie's Baddies (Youtube Version)

Bodie's Baddies (Vimeo Version)