Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Long Beach Car Show

The July 4th weekend was fun, but pretty wild for me. You are only getting the tail end of the weekend story in this blog, and the rest will probably come out at a later time. This blog entry is one of those that is not as important to me, but I do know that I have people that read here that like this sort of thing so I decided to cover it.

I am sort of the "odd man out" in my extended family. I am not as hardcore into cars as my relatives. Whenever I say, "The use of a car is to get you safely from one area to another," I get a strange look back at me that I totally have no clue what I am talking about. I have attended car shows with people in the past, but I tend not to make a habit of it.

I decided to go to the Long Beach Car Show this year on July 5th. It was a Sunday evening, it was near the beach so I knew it would be cool, and it turned out not having an overwhelming amount of people so it was easy to park and wander around.

I noticed this car right away and it was one that I think ended up getting a major award that night.

There were a bunch of others that were cool looking.

"The Flying Coffin" They had a green one like this called the "Border Patrol." It is one of those things that is only funny if you live in California or some other border state.

I got some really good chicken and excellent cole slaw there. I then listened to a punk band and a rockabilly band. They were alright. The reason I stayed around was to see an old 80's hard rock and blues band Great White. It was probably about 25 years ago I saw them open for another band in Costa Mesa. Back then they were a little more wild and had a lot more hair.
The singer, Jack Russell, had broken his pelvis a few months before so he was not dancing around on stage very much. He ended up singing pretty well though from what I could hear. Stay healthy and clean Jack! The guitarist Mark Kendall seems to be looking right at me above.
I know exactly what part of the song, "Rock me," Michael Lardie was using his harmonica for.
The bassist is new, but the rest of the band including the drummer who you can't see, Audie Desbrow, are the same guys I saw 25 years ago. The band gave a pretty solid performance.

During the last song two young girls got up on stage that I assume were either related to the band members or their associates. They ended up singing the last song with the band and I thought it was kind of cute.

I had a good time. The one thing though is it seemed like I was one of the very few without tattoos at this thing. The "odd man out."

Okay, in the next blog I will get back to what I normally do on here.