Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ride the High Country Location #1

(GPS: N37 36.675 W119 00.625)
After the crater, the postpile, and the falls, I was starting to lose my enthusiasm. This is the way things sometimes are when I plan things out way beforehand and by the end of the day I just want to go home. So, I had to really "push" myself to do this part, but I knew this would be rewarding.

This is Lake Mamie and the unqiue mountain formation in the background is Crystal Crag.
It has shown up in a lot of old b-westerns. It is the first thing you see in Ride the High Country.
My shot from a different angle.
Just across the street is where they shot a short scene in Ride the High Country. They show you Twin Lakes below.
My picture looking below.
The camera was probably very close to where I was at, but then they look like they moved a little to the right (south) to show Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea coming up the mountain with their horses. When Randolph Scott comes up and you see the lakes again through the trees.
This is looking towards my right (south). More than likely they were over there somewhere then came up to the road. Right after they come up here it looks like they were on Lake Mary Road, but the cameraman shoots it at an angle so you do not see the road or Lake Mamie.

Ride the High Mamie and Twin Lakes (Youtube Version)

Ride the High Mamie and Twin Lakes (Vimeo Version)

Alright, one more of these from Mammoth and I am done with this area.