Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Cisco Kid Mine (The Alabama Hills Series)

(GPS: N36° 36.145 W118° 07.80)

The above coordinates are close, but I just approximated them from Google Earth. I have probably taken readings here before, but cannot find the coordinates. The next time I go back I will update this. I have done something very close before nearby regarding a John Wayne location. Which means I am going to use one of the pictures I used there to make the connection. This one, used in tons of old westerns to Bad Day at Black Rock:
This is from the Cisco Kid and the Lady with Caesar Romero. The big rock formation is on the right side.
They are standing near the "mine" used in the movie.
This is where they would have been. The "mine" would have been part of that short incline there.
As Cisco and Gordito leave you can see more of the rocks.
I have one final blog I will post tomorrow on this little Alabama Hills trilogy that will connect them with each other.

This video is primarily about the Hopalong Cassidy movie filmed nearby, but it has this site shown at the beginning:

Shootout at Thunder Mesa (Youtube Version)

Shootout at Thunder Mesa (Vimeo Version)