Friday, January 28, 2011

Ramona Epic #4: Felipe is Sick, But...

January has been a month of laying down the foundation for everything on this blog for this year. I have to do one more of these, and from here on out I think things will be a little easier going and not as word intense as the last couple this month have been. I will start with the play story and then talk about the play below.

Our story starts at the Rancho during a time the local Indians have come to help with the sheep-shearing. Senora Morena talks about the condition of her son Felipe at the Rancho. She meets with Father Salvierderra and some of her concerns come out.

Ramona Epic #4: Felipe is Sick, But... (Vimeo Version)
The play was started in Hemet in 1923. It is the longest running play in the United States and the official state play of California. Only two years were taken off due to the Depression (1933) and World War 2 (1942). It runs outdoors in a bowl on a hillside. One can see the play on the weekends at the end of April and early in May.

It is privately funded. The only paid roles are the two lead roles of Ramona and Alessandro. The rest of the cast is made up of locals around the area of Hemet. Some famous people have began their careers with this play. For example, actor Victor Jory and actress Rachael (Tejada) Welch.

I set up the RamonaEpic account on youtube for all my Ramona videos. I will have the videos on my Vimeo account as well. Which one you view on is up to personal preference. There is advantages and disadvantages to both. For example, For on my computer setup, my Mozilla browser runs the videos at Vimeo better than Internet Explorer. Youtube is more popular, but there is a tendency for them to change things around a few times a year. They just changed the look of the homepage, and many are angry over this. At times I wonder if the site will continue in the long term.

You will only see short clips of the play. Some very short and some a little longer than others, but not the entire play. Just enough to let you know what it is like, and hopefully inspire you to see it if you are every in Southern California at the end of April or beginning of May. Of course, I will be showing pictures too along the way.

At this point I am going to transition into something else for the next few weeks and then I will come back to Ramona sometime this next month. This is probably how the rest of the year will go where I spend time on Ramona every few weeks, then do something else on the blog, and then go back to Ramona.