Monday, October 17, 2011

Alien Murder at Corriganville!?!?! (Corriganville Series)

Well, here we are again at that time of the year where I live, that the days start to get darker earlier, strange monsters start to appear, and the locations start to get spooky looking. Usually, I try to spend the whole month of October reading Halloween stories, and watching a few old and new Halloween themed movies. Due to the overall crazyness of my life right now I am just now getting into my Halloween mood. I have two weeks for the fun and I intend to use them.

In the past, if all goes well in October, I like to put up my version of Halloween fun. Normally, the locations are not really scary, but just a little unusual or weird. I think last year was the highpoint of me doing this, and I realized it would be very difficult to outdo what I did last year. Also, I knew last year that October was going to be a VERY CRITICAL part of my presentation of my Ramona series which will still be going on as I do this.

So, what I am doing this time around is adding some new things, but also reviving some of my old classics. There are a couple that I am doing that are just videos with no need for a new blog since I did them some years back. So, if you care about those then check my video channels for the next two weeks, but I should have a summary blog up around the day before Halloween with links to everything I have done for this year. In any case, I am going to refer to this series with the tag of Halloween Monsters and Strangeness 2011. It won't be too traditional, but I think you will see it all fits.

In this blog I going into more detail over something I discovered a few years ago during the time I was editing my Fort Apache video. At that time, the tv show Bones had an episode called The X in the File that I noticed had the Fort Apache portion of Corriganville in the episode. I do not really watch this tv show, but was intrigued that a modern tv show would use this location. So, not too long ago, I decided to go back and figure out what they did.

I will link my original blog about this at the bottom, but the reason I am using this one as part of this years Halloween series is because the investigators appear to have found a dead alien! Then they think it could have been murdered!

At the start they show one of the investigators come around from the northern side (which I noted in the previous blog on this). He greets a police officer near these rocks.Something like this:As the two investigators try to figure out what happened to this "murdered alien" a lady shows up with her shotgun telling them they are trespassing on her property. The police officer tells her to put the gun down since it is official law enforcement business.My picture is not exact, but you should be able to see most of the same rocks.The camera shows a different angle.Close enough for our purposes. The "murdered alien" would have been have been lying over the bottom rock.Later on in the episode they come back to this rock formation and give you a different look:These are those rocks. I always remember that rock to the left because it reminds me of a tatooed side-face on the rock.This episode was in the season 5 of Bones. So, if you are curious about this episode then you need to watch it as a re-run on tv, find the dvd of this episode, or purchase it from Amazon down below. Note the amazon preview trailer linked below shows up some of footage of the same area when some guys encounter the "alien body" at night for the first time.

Alien Murder at Corriganville (Youtube Version)

Alien Murder at Corriganville (Vimeo Version)

Previous blog on this X in the File episode

IMDB reference to this episode (check out the picture they have)

At this time you can also find the episode preview and purchase it to watch here on