Saturday, October 26, 2013

Investigating The Sinks (Halloween 2013)

(GPS: N33 43.095 W117 40.290)
The Sinister Secrets of Black Star Canyon #4

Not too long after I visited the Old Man I started getting nauseated almost everyday after eating breakfast. It was affecting me in such a way that I had a hard time looking at computer screens. My digestive system was not pleasant. I had never experienced anything like this in my life. I felt something was really wrong with me since I was not recovering. The doctor was of little help in this area. He gave me some advice on what to do that I already really knew. I tried to explain that I have been healthy most of my life, and this is something unique I was not recovering from. I thought I would at least get prescribed something. Thanks for taking my time and money. The whole thing was really insulting because it was like I was being told it was all in my head.

One thing I knew I could do was put my mind on other things and that would help me. When I had time I did some quick searches on Google for The Sinks. Sure enough I found them right away. They are famous as “The Grand Canyon of Orange County” on a smaller scale. As far as science is concerned, they were formed 65-24 million years ago.

I had hoped I would get over my illness before doing this hike. So, I decided to put it hold. Then the dreams starting coming back. I started seeing The Sinks in my dreams. I had never been there, but it was like I was having premonitions of myself there observing them. An idea came to me. Maybe my illness would end if I visited this geological temple known as The Sinks.

The time finally came for my visit. I set out for Limestone Canyon which is south of Black Star Canyon. The weather conditions were very gloomy with gray overcast clouds all over. Kind of spooky for what would be a long hike.

I started on the Shoestring Trail which was rather pleasant. It runs parallel with the main road. Lots of cars and bikers past by as I was walking along. Eventually, I saw Irvine Lake by my side which is a nice landmark to make connections with.

Eventually, I turned left into a big meadow. It was here everything opened up and a gradual climb started.
After another mile or two I connected with the West Loma Trail and then the East Loma Trail.

Somewhere along here I looked to my left to the north and zoomed in on Black Star Canyon:

There came a point where the trail went into two directions. I didn’t know where to go. So, I decided to take the Box Springs Trail.

Not too long after that it appeared before me...

The Sinks!

One can see why it is called the Grand Canyon of Orange County.

On the way back I looped around Limestone Ridge. Again, I looked toward Black Star Canyon.

All in all, I would say it was a 14 mile loop to get back to where I parked.

During the next few days my illness completely went away. In fact, I have not been as sick as that since then. However, what I traded in the physical sickness for was something a little different mentally.

About two weeks went by. I started to become a little more obsessive about things. The notion of the Sentinels that the Old Man mentioned were constantly on my mind. I had to know more.

Something I failed to mention in the last blog is that in my last conversation with the Old Man I wanted to know more about where the Sentinels are that are located in Black Star Canyon. He told me he did not know. I suspected that was not the case, but I let it go.

Over the next week I started watching my old videos, looking at pictures, and maps in Black Star Canyon. There had to be something. Nothing.

Another few days went by. One night I did not get any sleep looking over old notes and maps. Then the next day while looking at Google Earth something clicked.

On Google Earth I had left place marks over the recent hikes I had done in the area all these months before. Coincidentally, the four place marks were almost the same as a certain symbol I had seen months ago. This one:

That’s right. The Old Man’s tattoo lined up pretty well. I was excited, but slightly irritated too. Because I knew someone knew more than he was telling me.

I started doing calculations. Trying to figure out the precise spot. About 30 minutes later I was pretty sure I had found the spot I was looking for. While I had not been there before, I should have known.

I knew the Old Man’s schedule, so I had to wait until the next week for me to confront him. When I did he was actually happy to see me. Turns out the situation with his daughter had improved slightly, but she would still be leaving soon. They had worked out a plan that she would be able to visit or he visit her new home back east. Some other things were mentioned too, but…

“I know where they are,” I said with a stern voice.

“Who?” he replied.

“I know the location of where the Sentinels are.”

He frowned. “Silence, if that is true, you should not go there.”

At this point I told him how I visited the Sinks and how it actually cured my illness. I had a theory that if I visited the place of the Sentinels I would be in even better shape than ever. I must go there.

“No, you must not. Have none of my stories gotten through to you? They are beings much more powerful than us. They influence humans for their own purposes. You are being delusional. It is probably true that you were healed by the influence of their temples. Yet, it seems like a trick to encourage you to visit their unholy lair!” the Old Man said pleading with me.

“The tattoo. I noticed it the first time we met. It is the key to finding all these areas. Isn’t it?” I said.

He sighed. “It is now that I am truly sorry I told you everything I have. You seemed like a nice and adventurous person when we met, but now you are pressuring me to tell you about things I should not…okay… I hope I don‘t regret this.”

When the Old Man was a teenager he went off into Black Star Canyon one day with two friends, a guy and a girl, to do some drinking. He had been there many times in this secluded area. This time was different. In the evening, way back in the canyon, someone or something was watching them. He told me that whatever they saw did not appear to look human. One friend, the guy, got back on the road, headed down, and ran all the way out.

“I could have taken off really quickly with him, but I wasn’t going to leave her there alone,” he said.

The Old Man and the girl were trapped and could not leave. The way he said is, as if, they were stuck and could not get loose. This did not make sense to me, but I let him continue his story.

Eventually she was able to break free, but slipped and fell down a cliff to her death. The Old Man stayed up there until after dark unable to leave. It seemed liked hours had gone by when finally he heard someone coming. It was his uncle that had been told why they had not returned home by the friend that took off.

His uncle broke him free and started to take him to the road. The Old Man said he heard many ungodly sounds, but he felt he was going delirious. He blacked out.

The next morning he woke up at the Black Star Canyon Indian Village to the chants of his uncle. His uncle had brought him there for healing. As he observed the cross in the distance he felt great, and they walked out with no problems. When he met with his family he told them what had happened. The girl’s body was recovered, but the “official story” was that she was trying to get down to the waterfall from above and that caused the death. The Old Man said that was a half-truth. That evening when he took off his clothes he discovered that the tattoo was on his arm. He asked his uncle about it, but was told to never talk about it. The Old Man said he thought you could find other locations branching off of it, but did not go into detail. He knew I had understood what the symbol was indicating.

“Silence, I beg you. Don’t go there,” he said quite sincerely.

“I can see this has caused you much pain. I regret bringing any of this up with you. I have enjoyed your company from the beginning, and this was all fun until…”

“Promise me you will not go!” he said.

“I promise. My own safety as well as yours is at stake here. I see that now,” I said.

We both said nothing for about a minute. I guess we both were not too confident at this point that I could keep my promise no matter how good intentioned I was in saying it. I decided it was time to wrap this up.

“Until we meet again!” I said.

We shook hands, and I walked away. As I walked away I heard this:

“After seeing the earthly forms of the ancient sentinels, the only way to escape death and heal oneself of their wrath is to view the cross from the sacred Indian village,” the Old Man said.

I drove home. Yet, something in Black Star Canyon always kept calling to me no matter how far away I was from it. As I went to bed that night I told myself that it was time to move on. With that I had a great night sleep and woke up ready to move on to other things.

Investigating the Sinks (Youtube Version)

Investigating the Sinks (Vimeo Version)

The music used for this video is called Unrelenting, Chase Pulse, and Trepidation from Incompetech.