Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Reminder (Starting 2015 the Right Way)

My New Years Resolution: to be a better a person by finding faults in others. In other words, to be a better criticizer.

There is a certain irony in what I just stated, but I'll get to that in a few blogs I intend to be doing over the next month or so. I wanted to start getting back into a little bit of commentary on things that are bothering me in how the internet has become.

I'll be throwing in some pictures I took during the fall so things don't get too boring on here, but before I do that I want to stress that it is important that if you are new to my blog or have forgotten, then is important to read over the answers to questions I posted about two years ago:

Questions, Questions, Questions (blog link) 

The reason I had to do that was I started to get really tired of typing up the same type of responses to e-mail over the years. For a while it didn't bother me, but since I don't have all the time in the world I thought it would be better to do this as a type of FAQ. If the question has already been answered on there then don't expect a response from me by e-mail.

As I have stated over and over before, it does take me time to get to any e-mail sent to me regarding this blog. So, if I don't respond right away it is nothing personal. I know a lot of people expect instant responses, but I can't be that way. It depends on how my schedule is. Sometimes it can take a few days, a week, or longer if I have other real world issues that are a priority. 
Another important reminder is that you should not be sending anything to the old Hotmail account. I don't use it anymore. I said it a few times last year that I changed my e-mail due to a malware virus that got a hold of the e-mail and the addresses in it.

If you get anything from that e-mail address then you should delete it since it is not from me. A recent e-mail attributed to that address was sent to my yahoo address and a few friends told me about it as well. The funny thing is the e-mail said something about it being sent from my "iphone". I don't own an iphone! LOL!

Finally, the above pictures were all taken at Silver Lake on the June Lake Loop.