Wednesday, April 01, 2020

I Wanna Be A Cowboy

So I was part of a cattle drive back in October. Yep, always wanted to do the Red Dead Redemption thing as seen in westerns.

Checking today's date! Oh, I guess I better tell you what was really going on here...

Well, kind of, sort of...I was told to bang the side of my vehicle if the cattle were just standing in front of me to keep them moving. We were just passing through, and I think they were just transferring the cattle to a different field. However, I do know the cattle in this area do go on a traditional cattle drive much further away later in the fall.

In any case, hope you area all holding up over the stay at home order with the COVID-19 . I'm following all the rules the authorities are laying out for us, BUT I am a little skeptical of what is being reported and how big the threat is. There is something a little "Phantom Menace" about all of this. If I say anything more about this I will wait until this is over.