Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hangman's Knot (The Alabama Hills Series)

(GPS: N36 36.235 W118 07.125)

Here is another one in the same area. While the Lone Ranger Ambush area is shot to the west, this area is shot to the north. The angle I shot of it is not quite right, but it is close enough. The way I figure these areas out are I look at the rocks. People change, environments change, but rocks are slow to change.

In this picture there is a “skull” looking rock facing down. If you compare that rock with the movie photo above you can see that rock looks smaller. Also, the higher rock looks a little off. It looks like if I wanted to get a closer looking shot to the original movie shot I would have to move back a bit and then move left.

Hangman's Knot is an interesting movie. This is one of those westerns that doesn't completely follow the rules. Randolph Scott is actually on the wrong side on this one. The Civil War has just ended and the scene above was done without them knowing the war was over. As Confederates they were still fighting the war. Most of the movie deals with the Confederate band trying to get out of the mess they have created. The first 30 minutes is shot in Alabama Hills in the above area.

Three Ambushes at Lone Ranger Canyon (Youtube Version)

Three Ambushes at Lone Ranger Canyon (Vimeo Version)