Monday, August 21, 2006

Why Am I Doing This Blog?

I have to admit I am not really into "blogs". I guess they give people a chance to vent or state their opinion. Looking over the internet the past 11 years I have seen lots of people write all sorts of stuff. Sometimes I wonder about people that write long rambling type of messages and think that people are "hanging" on ever single word and syllable they write. I often joke to my friends about me writing "award winning messages" on the internet. I tend to think people exaggerate and make themselves look a little more important on the net than they really are. I hope I do not do that here.

The reason I decided to create this blog is I am putting together a few of my interests. This will be done mostly for people I know, and I will refer them here. However, it is certainly okay for others to look around. I like going on interesting hikes and places that are a little out of the ordinary. I intend to record them here with GPS coordinates so you can see where I was at. Along with that I intend to talk about some of my favorite movies which, believe it or not, relates to why I like to go hiking and to strange places. So, you should see some things related to westerns, samurai, and noir movies I have collected over the years. Finally, some history related to the above will be talked about too.