Friday, November 03, 2006

Gary Gooper Rock (The Alabama HIlls Series)

(GPS: N36 36.198 W118 06.855)

This area below is known as Gary Cooper Rock. The reason for that is in one of his movies he had a publicity photo where he is standing underneath the unique horizontal rock. However, I think the movie Hell Bent for Leather uses it a lot better. In the final climatic scene of the movie it takes place at this spot as can be seen below. You actually have to climb up to get to it. It is an easy walk, but once you get to the top rocks above there is a cliff so there really is nowhere to run as you can fall. Here is what you can see looking down from the above cliff. The area you see looking below is where the movie Yellow Sky took place. If you look very close you can see the arrastra in the lower middle in that picture. When I continue this series I will show some of the areas from the movie Yellow Sky (found here).