Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Out of the Past (Part 3)

Twin Lakes, CA (Outside Bridgeport)

I don't have gps coordinates for this area even though I know it very well. Twin Lakes is about 13 miles outside of Bridgeport. It is two lakes that are divided by a small dam and bridge. At the beginning of Out of the Past Robert Mitchum is fishing at one of the lakes. He remarks that the fish are not biting which, coincidentally, is what people often say when fishing these lakes.

For some time I believed the above picture was taken at Lower Twin. Lower Twin is the lake you first see as you drive into the area and the lake, Upper Twin, drains into. It seemed about right because everything I read online and in books said it was Lower Twin. Let me show why there is a problem by thinking this.
This is Lower Twin. I marked Matterhorn Peak, but notice if the above movie picture was taken at Lower Twin then you should see a lot more of those mountains around there. Let me show a picture from where I originally thought it was at the shoreline of Lower Twin.
In the movie picture the features are a lot closer. So, this can't be the area. Before I show Upper Twin let me show you a picture from one of my favorite trails looking back down into this area I took this above picture from.
You can see a little of Upper Twin and then most of Lower Twin in this picture. Bridgeport Lake can barely be seen in the background. A very lovely four hour hike that I enjoy doing almost every other day or so while I spend my summer there. Okay, back to where the movie picture should be.
This is not the exact area. Unfortunately, I do not have anything that close. Maybe the next time. (EDIT: SEE LINK BELOW) This however does show the two main hump mountains. If you compare this one with the movie picture above you should see that I am in the right area. All I have to do is go further to the right and probably around the lake a bit then I would find the right area.
Since most people never encounter this area during the winter due to avalanches I thought I would show a few pictures right after a major snowstorm. It was very white and gray on this day. I did not enjoy it at the time since it meant I could not hike where I wanted, but you can see the beauty in the snow filled areas.
This ends my little section on the film noir Out of the Past. If you have not see it you should because it is a classic of the genre. The areas I show aren't the only ones in the movie. The movie takes place over many different areas.


Out of the Past Locations (Youtube Version)

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