Sunday, January 21, 2007

Out of the Past (Part 1)

(GPS: N38 15.390 W119 13.450)

I thought I would do a few entries over an area I know very well. The scenes take place in and near the town of Bridgeport, CA. The 395 highway goes right through it. The movie is titled Out of the Past and stars Robert Mitchum. It is usually considered a film noir top 10 movie. It really is my favorite film noir for a bunch of reasons.

The first picture I want to show is from the main house they show in the movie. Even though it is a historic old house that I have a few pictures of I decided I will not post them here mainly because it is privately owned. The gps coords are nearby and to be honest you can't miss it if you are driving into the town heading north. It is the first house past the bridge on the right. In the 1950's my grandmother actually wanted to purchase this house, but other property was purchased instead.
At the beginning of the movie one of the antagonists is looking for Robert Mitchum and drives into the town. Notice the what looks like a tower on the right. That is actually the old courthouse.
This next picture is a little further back compared to the movie picture. It is the 395, but just as you enter town. To get a picture close to the movie one I would have to continue up the road a bit.
The next picture our antagonist heads to the local coffee shop. In the movie as he approaches from a different angle it seems to have a different name. However, I know this store rather well these days as something else...
Today, this is actually Ken's Sporting Goods. I usually go in there and also visit the gift shop right next to it at least once a year. At one time, long before the movie was made, it was a saloon. In my picture you can see the courthouse right next to it.
In my next entry I will show a few more scene areas nearby.

Out of the Past Locations (Youtube Version)

Out of the Past Locations (Vimeo Version)