Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Watch Out For Snipers! (The Alabama Hills Series)

(GPS: N36 36.200, W118 06.905)

Here is an interesting shot. This is taken from the 1935 movie The Lives of a Bengal Lancer with Gary Cooper. It takes place at the beginning of the movie where Gary Cooper and his troops are trying to round the bend that Dave Holland referred to as Bengal Curve. The sniper is about to start shooting at them.

The shot below is pretty close to the spot:
To get to this point the dirt trail runs out right at the end so there isn't much room to move here. It looks like our sniper is leaning on the rocks to the left.

In the following picture it shows you what it is like from below. Most of the area they are coming from including the rock formation you see in the left side upper middle part of the picture is used in the movie Yellow Sky with Gregory Peck.

The movie also has a seen at Gary Cooper Rock although Gary Cooper never appears at the rock in the movie. There was a promo picture of him standing under it. Check out my blog on that found here.