Monday, September 24, 2007

Baden-Powell, Iron, and the Devil's Backbone

There are a few other mountains to look at while on the summit of Baldy. Baden-Powell is just to the west or northwest. I have been to the top of this one a few times. It is a relatively easy switchbacking trail hike. Like Baldy, I use it as an exercise hike. The sky looks a tad dark and that was due to some fire on the other side at the time.
This next one is looking more to the west. This is Iron Mountain. It is way below when one is on the summit of Baldy, but it is supposed to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest, hike in Southern California. Usually, one starts this hike in the East Fork River area and makes the 6,000 ft. climb from there. One can try to go down to it from Baldy, but that is rare. I may try hiking it some day, but I just do not have the desire for it right now.
I came down from the summit using the Devil's Backbone trail. Here is how it is when looking back to where I came from.
I passed the ski lift area to the fire road that took me back to where I parked. All in all, it was a nice loop hike that morning. On the Ski Hut trail there are two points that are very steep: one right before you get to the Ski Hut, and the other is one of the final ridges you go up to get to the summit. These seemed to be much rougher steep points than anything I encountered the weeks before in the Sierra.