Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An Example of a Drought Year

Saddlebag Lake

One thing I always wish for is as the winter months go on is a quick winter where the snow melts away quickly going into the summer. Not that I don't like snow, but it makes it easier on the hikes I enjoy doing. At least there is usually less danger going into the back country. It was fun that I got to do Whitney in June instead of July or August, but over all this was a bad year because of the drought. The Sierras suffered for it like a lot of California. One obvious area is Saddlebag Lake off of Tioga Pass near Yosemite. I did a quick and obvious stitch of what Saddlebag Lake looked like in August, 2006That is the normal look of that beautiful lake. Here is another regular picture of this lake: Now, look at this disaster. You would think that this isn't the same area. This year at the very end of July, 2007: Is this supposed to be some sort of river here? Where is the lake?
Before I cause a panic let's go back to last year:
Compare where the trees are to this.
When I was in the Sierra Nevada this year the first few days I just could not get enough water and other drinks into my system. I felt dehydrated all the time. I was fortunate that some dark clouds came in, cooled the place down, some minor rainfall occurred, and then some breezy wind the rest of the time. I am hopeful that some major snowfall will happen in the next few months to balance things out this year.