Friday, October 17, 2008

The Mummy: Enter Boris Karloff (The Red Rock Canyon Series)

Halloweener #3

(GPS: N35° 21.675 W117° 59.245)

Time to start a news series. Many old movies have been shot using areas in Rock Rock near Mojave, Ca. If the Alabama Hills is a gold mine for movie locations, then Red Rock is just as good of a gold mine. I thought I would start one to keep the Halloween theme going so this is the first I intend to do with the 1932 Boris Karloff movie: The Mummy. The first thing to note is the big rock formation in the background is known as The Acropolis. Since the movie was supposed to have taken place in Egypt this location was an obvious area to go to for the production to keep things cheap.Boris Karloff's character comes down this little incline. In the movie it seems quite a distance a way.
It really isn't though. The distance is very close, and I was a bit surprised about that.Some of the night scenes in the movie took place on the other side of this. The interesting thing is they filmed a bunch of scenes in the movie, but they are only within a hundred feet or so of each other.
I will try to get a few more of these Mummy locations in another blog or two.

The Mummy at Red Rock Canyon (Youtube Version)

The Mummy at Red Rock Canyon (Vimeo Version)