Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Mummy: The Excavation Site (The Red Rock Canyon Series)

Halloweener #4

(GPS: N35° 21.665 W°117 59.285)

As I mentioned in my last entry, all the scenes they did at Red Rock Canyon took place within a few hundred feet at most from each other. This area is really just around the corner and above from the last entry. This is the scene that Boris Karloff reveals the location for where the tomb was.

Boris Karloff sure sounds like Darth Vader, or better yet, Darth Vader sure sounds like Boris Karloff. The more old movies I watch the more I see where George Lucas got his ideas. I can not tell you how many times I have watched old movies where the mysterious masked person ends up being a long lost relative. Okay, back to this. In the above movie picture Boris is standing over the ledge showing where the dig should take place. If you watched the video I had to make a short climb to get to this point. Compared to everything else I have done it was nothing, but I still did not want to make any mistakes. In my picture they were standing in the middle right side. I went over there and looked down.That area below is where the incline is the men were team digging with the baskets. The dropoff here is not really that dramatic. It is maybe 50 feet. What is interesting to me is a lot of movies filmed at Red Rock Canyon seem to make areas like this bigger than they really are. Then when I was there this area out along with some others seemed a lot smaller than they way the seemed in the movie.

The Mummy at Red Rock Canyon (Youtube Version)

The Mummy at Red Rock Canyon (Vimeo Version)