Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ronald Reagan Gets Shot Location (Red Rock Canyon Series)

(N35°21.755 W117°59.210)

I was going to put up a picture where Reagan leaves the two horses. Then I thought I might as well just put the dvd menu up because it basically shows the same area.
The area we are going to end up at is just to the left of his hat.
This is really close to where Reagan leaves his horse next to the other horse. The rock formation next to his hat in the menu feature and in the distance that you can not really see distinctly because it blends in is where we are going to end up at.
That thing right there. I do not think Reagan climbed up the left side of this picture. With the editing that was done I think it was a few hundred feet to the east (right of picture) where we started out. I could probably figure it out pretty easily on another trip, but when I came on this day I was pressed for time and wanted to be sure I got to the top of this rock formation since I knew that was where Reagan was shot in the movie.
Here is where he falls in the movie. Jimmy Johnson (played by Russell Johnson) regrets he shot his brother and runs over to him.
This is it. What I am noticing about Red Rock Canyon rock formations is the sandstone seems to show some changes over the years. I can tell I am in the right areas, but things just do not seem exactly the same. This is a different experience compared to what you see in the Alabama Hills. Everything looks the same there after the decades. Here the elements have changed some over the decades.
I took this picture off of the entry for Law and Order on IMDB. This is not in the movie. I like this one since you can see the Acropolis in the background which shows up a lot in Red Rock Canyon movies like The Mummy and Hell's Heroes.
The movie camera was pretty close to this. I have a bunch of other Red Rock locations, but I will wait until later dates to put them out.

Where Reagan Was Shot (Youtube Version)

Where Reagan Was Shot (Vimeo Version)